Trebuchet snowball launch redux

Tyler’s Shout fails to trigger launch, but the snowball clears the fence (and misses the electrical pole). Some sling readjustment seems to have done the trick.

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First “public” demo of the trebuchet

Mr Vining narrates the history of siege warfare while his class looks forward to seeing the trebuchet in action. Then a drama student gets dramatic.

“Are you not entertained?” – Victor

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Testing the new firing mechanism

Various safety improvements were made, including the new lever system for pulling out the firing pin.

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Trebuchet 1000 lb trial

Full weight trial 1 of the trebuchet: serious pumpkin demolition.

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Trebuchet snowball launch

This is the video of the far more successful snowball launch today.

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1st pumpkin toss: negative yardage

The snow finally melted enough to take the trebuchet out for a spin today. It was a successful day in that no lives or even limbs were lost, just a minor part or two from the trebuchet. Team trebuchet managed to fire a big snowball over the fence and down the hill but the pumpkin launch didn’t fare as well, probably because it was moldy ; )

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Attaching the Sling

With the first successful trials of the firing mechanism and technique complete, its time to add the sling assembly to the boom.



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Initial Testing of the Trebuchet

With most of the trebuchet assembled, its time to see how it behaves!




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Going Vertical!

All the parts come together as the A-frames, boom, and crossbar are assembled.


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Going mobile (sorta) and whiteboarding the counterweight and winch systems

Wheels were added for a little bit of mobility. Many issues were discussed, such as how to tie down the boom safely and how to mount 1000 lbs of weight. Other addtions, such as the FEDEX truck and the dancing cat may not be incorporated in the final design.


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