Initial Testing of the Trebuchet

With most of the trebuchet assembled, its time to see how it behaves!




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Going Vertical!

All the parts come together as the A-frames, boom, and crossbar are assembled.


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Going mobile (sorta) and whiteboarding the counterweight and winch systems

Wheels were added for a little bit of mobility. Many issues were discussed, such as how to tie down the boom safely and how to mount 1000 lbs of weight. Other addtions, such as the FEDEX truck and the dancing cat may not be incorporated in the final design.


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An A-Frame Arises

Construction of the A-frame begins and supports for the crossbeam take shape.


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Building the base

The trebuchet team learns the value of right angles.


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Construction begins: building the boom

That’s boom as in really long pieces of wood stuck together.


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Scaling up: planning a bigger, better trebuchet

More whiteboarding and some CAD fun.


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